Script Forward is a global project with an emphasis on local connections. Launched in August 2020, it has big aspirations to be the go-to-place for scripts, tips, jobs and opportunities, among a many more features.

The film and TV industry will never be the same again!

Who Are We?

Not so much we, but I!
I am a screenwriter/playwriter from the UK. I know it’s difficult to get noticed when there are so many doing the same thing, and when the industry feels like a closed book. You either have to win big in a competition (spending a fortune in the process), or know somebody who knows somebody.

On top of that, you need to know your craft!

Before my screenwriting career began, I was an entrepreneur (self taught in open source web-development). I decided to create a network where that somebody you don’t know, can find you. And if they don’t, that’s okay, because Script Forward is primarily about community spirit. Finding like minded people who want to work with you, on your idea or a shared idea. Sharing skills, talent and resources. Private team-groups make this possible.

It’s time the entertainment industry was not dominated by so few, when there are so many with equal talent.


I wouldn’t say the SF network is basic, but there are many more features to come as it’s popularity grows. The future holds free-to-enter competitions, fundraising opportunities, events, and more. And one day, I plan for Script Forward to also be a production and video streaming network, where the SF community pick the projects to be produced and also participate in their creation with the full backing of Script Forward.

Script Forward is the Facebook for the radio, theatre, film and TV industry.


You might have one script or many scripts waiting to be discovered or you may be an aspiring or working filmmaker: producer, director, editor, rigger, actor, make-up artist, etc… looking for your next project or experience in the industry. Whatever your skill, Script Forward connects you with others in the TV, theatre, radio, and film industry.


Unlike similar websites, the Script Forward network will always be free to access and use. A free member can post a pitch, join and create groups, forums and discussions, apply for jobs, post status updates, and connect with other members. A member may never need more than this.

To motivate you and help you make the most out of our service, we will host regular competitions for all members and encourage local community groups to create networking events.


  • Encourage scriptwriters and members to peer review each others work.
  • Create opportunities for local writers and filmmakers to connect through networking events and member connections.
  • Create a social network that helps members improve their craft.
  • Provide work opportunities for independent industry professionals.