Post; Update, Article and Pitch Terms and Conditions

If you plan on posting an update, article or Pitch, please read these terms and conditions first.

If a member fails to oblige by these terms and conditions the post will be removed, and the member may be banned from the platform. These terms and conditions are intended to protect a member (you) and other members and society.

These terms and conditions form part of our website terms and conditions, and by continuing to use the Script Forward site, a member (you) agree to uphold these terms and conditions.

For the purpose of simplicity, updates, articles and pitches will all be referred to as ‘posts’, and includes all text and media.

These terms and conditions do not infringe on creative freedoms. For example; we understand works of fiction may contextualize crime.

We hope that a members own discretion provides clarity of the terms and conditions. In the event a member is unsure whether a post (including script) falls foul of these terms and conditions they can email Script Forward: [email protected] and request a review.

Every member is responsible for their own posts, and consequences thereafter.

  1. All posts must be suitable for a 13 audience (This excludes uploaded scripts whereby the appropriate audience has been stated prior to download).

  2. No post should contain, serve the purpose for, or encourage pornography, or violence.

  3. No uploaded script should serve the purpose of bullying, pornography or violence.

  4. No post should contain content deemed criminal by UK/EU law, or the law of the country you reside (Unless your country law infringes on a human right deemed such by UK/EU law).

  5. No content should bully, intimidate or incite violence; against another member, or an individual or group within society.

  6. No post (including script), should use real peoples names, unless the member posting has received permission to do so, or permission is reasonably assumed (where a post highlights someone’s achievement, references someones work, etc…)

  7. All posts must be your own work, or you must have permission from the copyright owner to publish the post.