Why is Imagery Important When Selling Your Screenplay?

The Script Forward homepage contains the most recent script pitches from our community. They are all served with an image. The image is usually uploaded by the Pitcher, but if not, we have a placeholder image for each category: film, TV, radio, and theatre. The placeholder image is a fall back though, and we really do hope a pitcher searches the web for a suitable royalty-free image. There are plenty of free sites that offer completely free images. Our personal favourite is Pixabay. They have over 1.8 million free images created by a very talented community.

You might ask, why not show only the pitch, and save the space? Firstly, Good question. After-all, screenplays are not about a single image. They’re about the images formed in the readers mind. And lets face it, the writer will often have zero input into the prop or set design, or even what a character looks like (you can try though). However there is a sane explanation, and it’s nothing to do with aesthetics (however much prettier it makes the home page).

We’ve all heard the old saying, a picture speaks a thousand words. Well, it kinda does.  Before a reader even opens your script, you’ve already explained the world they are about to indulge in. You’ve excited them!  And the more emotive, or surreal an image is, the more likely you will grab the attention of a script-reader. Think about browsing Netflix or Amazon Prime. How often has an image sold the movie to you? It’s the exact same thing with scripts. Screenplays are simply unmade movies.

If you don’t want to take my word for it, take Carson Reeves word. He’s read over 6000 scripts and reviewed more than 1000. He’s a Script Guru!

…As a WGA screenwriter myself, I can attest to the value of pitching your idea visually — it can be the difference between getting that meeting, or just being another script in the pile.

Carson Reeves
(Script Shadow)

I also recommend you check Carson Reeves website out. It’s one of  my favourite, and he really does aim to help new and talented screenplay writers.

Script Forward was created to get scriptwriters and filmmakers results. So before you decide to skip the image, or upload something not at all descriptive of your actual script, consider how attractive you want your script to be to a potential producer, or agent. It could make all the difference.

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